New Desktop Client – “Files On Demand”

The Filr 2.0 desktop client comes with a revolutionary “Files On Demand” mechanism which helps Filr users to save resources, not only by conserving space on their local drives, but also while synchronizing.

With Files on Demand Desktop Clients, you don’t need to download all of your files from the Filr server. Instead, you can download only the files you need just by opening the file. This new feature offers many advantages, including quick provisioning, super-fast file syncs, lower network load, and low hard disk usage.

With “Files on Demand”, you don’t need to download/sync all your files to which you have access from your servers. You can browse/list all of your files and folders, but you get the power to download only the files you need— that too by just by opening the file. 


Filr continues allowing you to keep a copy of folder and files if you need in your Desktop/Laptop so that you can work even from the remotest place without having connectivity. Filr will also provide options to remove files which hasn’t been used for some/customizable number of days.

There are two ways to get the file downloaded to your desktop/laptop:   

  • By opening the file: double click or open the file using the application you use – a local temporary copy of file gets downloaded. This ‘cached’ copy of file stays in your HDD till you don’t reopen it for the configured number of days specified set under ‘Remove cached files after n days‘ client setting. Note that after the number of days – only the local copy of downloaded file gets removed from Desktop/Laptop’s local hard disk drive, the file continues to stay on server. It gets downloaded as cached file if you again open it by opening the file
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